Has Peter gambled away the bookies?

The decision is announced that Rob’s horse is officially the winner. Rob’s ecstatic while the colour drains out of Peter’s face. As Rob demands his £35,000 it becomes clear Peter can’t pay up. Incredulous, Rob threatens to sue as Carla is forced to beg him not to involve the law and begs him not to ruin Peter. Meanwhile, when Deirdre finds Rob and Tracy rowing over him gambling with their joint money, she discovers where Tracy got her half of the cash.

After the scan, the sonographer’s evasive and tells Hayley her doctor will be in touch. Calling at the medical centre on her own Hayley finds out she has a blockage in her bile duct. She demands the doctor tell her what that could mean…

Under pressure from Eileen and Mandy, Paul begrudgingly apologises to Lloyd who reluctantly accepts his apology.

Also, when Audrey concedes that the salon flat could do with a makeover, Maria’s embarrassed as Marcus instantly comes up with a list of all that needs doing.