Has Peter killed Leon?

Peter and the gang panic that Leon might be dead and they go to the police station to confess. The gang are stunned when Leon limps into the room and reveals he was picked up by the police for being drunk and spent the night in a cell. Zsa Zsa thinks they should get their own back on a scheming Lucy.

Back in Albert Square they suggest to Lucy that Leon could be dead. Later, Lucy gets an anonymous text asking her to go to the park. Lucy is terrified when she’s grabbed by a hooded figure. Lucy’s assailant removes his hood – it’s a grinning Leon. Lucy’s furious that she’s been set up and vows revenge.

Harvey does a runner from Pat and Peggy, but they catch up with him on a sightseeing bus and confront him. Pat and Peggy are stunned when Harvey later turns up at the Vic and suggests he date them both! The ladies plot to teach Harvey a lesson. Peggy tricks Harvey into getting undressed then steals his clothes. Harvey has to flee the Vic in nothing, but a sheet. The triumphant friends head off on holiday together.

Also, Liam puts his foot down and insists on going to school.

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