Has Phelan hidden the murder weapon?

Jason demands Todd tell him the truth about Tony. Todd sticks to his story, that Tony confessed to Callum’s murder and he believed him. With Jason out of the way, Phelan removes Tony’s tool bag from No 11 and hides it under the floorboards at the Nazirs’. Jason returns home to find the police there – they know what kind of weapon was used in the murder. Clocking the missing tool bag, Jason panics, but Phelan shoots him a reassuring glance.

When Izzy is found guilty and released on bail pending sentencing, Izzy looks at Gary, horrified. Anna tells Izzy that from now on she has her total support, but Gary tears a strip off her pointing out her principles could land her in prison.

Steve calls at Carla’s flat with Michelle’s stuff and when they’re soon arguing again, Steve storms out. Michelle kicks herself, wishing she’d never left in the first place.

When jealous Caz suggests to Kate that she’s suddenly become very pally with Maria, Kate tells her to get a grip. Sean asks Todd to speak to Billy for him, but he advises him to give Billy some space.