Psycho Sally has once again poisoned life at the vicarage… Feeling like a complete April Fool, Ashley has confessed all to Laurel and she is stunned. Why did he let her into their home again? Well, Sally appealed to his vanity, telling him only he could help her be a better person. And Ashley, so full of self-importance, couldn’t resist. Luckily for him, Laurel’s not such a pushover. She hauls Ashley off to the cop shop to report the madwoman. But they are nowhere near the end of the rocky road that their marriage is bumping along…

Aaron is also feeling a need to unburden himself and, pushed by the persistent Adam, he admits that he was the one who beat up Paddy. But that’s as far as he goes. He won’t tell Adam why he did it, though. Silly Aaron if he thinks Adam’s going to let the matter drop. He’s more curious than ever…

Rhona has some questions, too… The visiting vet wants to know about Paddy’s injuries and thinks Marlon will give her the answers. He’s pleased to see her but not quite ready to share that Aaron’s gay and beat up Paddy because he can’t admit it.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Confession is good for Ashley’s soul… He tells the police what psycho Sally did to him and then, as they search his house (Sally’s long gone, officers) he tells Sandy. Laurel turns to her father, too, telling Doug what’s happened, but he’s not got much sympathy for Ashley, thinking he could have prevented the whole sorry mess. Feeling unburdened, Ashley goes to bed, but Laurel has too much on her mind… She’s planning her revenge!

Andy has been making plans, too. He’s well on the road to recovery from his breakdown and he hasn’t thumped a girl since Jo. So, it’s time he started standing on his own two feet again. And, as he tells Diane, that means finding a place of his own to live. Ah, Jack would be proud.

Eli’s life is changing, too… His attraction to Olena is growing and, for her part, well… There are not many women who can resist a man who makes them laugh and is Eli is a joker. But what about Sam? He still thinks he has a future with Olena and can’t wait to deliver a letter from home to her that has arrived at the Dingle homestead. But it’s Eli who Olena wants to share the letter with…

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