Head teacher Rachel and Eddie prepare to present their initiative for Waterloo Road, the Rochdale Business and Enterprise College. But the presentation is wrecked when Eddie’s ex Alison turns up, dumping their son on him. Eddie’s delighted, but Rachel is left struggling with the presentation on her own.

To salvage the situation, Rachel decides to bring the first night of the school musical, Park Side Story, forward – but there’s chaos when angry Aleesha sabotages the matinee. At the show, Rachel shudders when she spots a familiar face – could her past be coming back to haunt her?

Grantly can’t get the money he owes Tom. But when Tom follows him home he’s shocked to find Grantly’s bedridden wife, who’s unaware of the mess Grantly is in. She agrees to help him out of his financial hole.

Elsewhere, Tom and Davina seal their feelings with a kiss – but things are still not going well for Chlo, Donte, Brett and Mika.