Has Rakesh uncovered a killer secret?

Jai may have got his son, Archie, back but he’s clearly lying about how he made it happen. He claims that when he met up with the boy’s mum Rachel she simply handed over her son for him to look after. Ali, however, doesn’t buy the story because she can’t believe her sister would do that. Meanwhile, Jai’s horrified to discover that Rakesh has advised Ali to apply for access to her nephew, but when he confronts him, the solicitor reveals that he’s done some digging on the murdered girl whose body was found last week. Has Jai killed Rachel to get Archie?

As Ross continues to steal flashy cars to rip apart and sell on the parts, Pete overhears his brother talking to Aaron about his dodgy sideline. Pete’s still feeling bitter about Ross making a move on Debbie, but is he so hungry for revenge that he’s willing to shop his own brother to the police?

Robert’s assumed that because he’s marrying into the family he should get the job as estate manager, so he’s frustrated and annoyed that his future father-in-law Lawrence is insisting that he has an interview for the role! But as he prepares to be interviewed, is he heading for a fall?