*First episode*

Chrissie is in a right state. Back from court, the mum reels at the news that her teenage son, Lachlan, is being kept at the Young Offenders Institution for perverting the course of justice. Lashing out at Rebecca, she tells her sister it’s her fault.

Feeling awful, Rebecca tells Chrissie she’s going to leave and exit her loved ones’ lives. But no sooner has Rebecca announced her plan to pack her bags than she spots something dangling from a necklace on her sister’s neck. The ‘missing’ wedding ring! Realising she’s been set up by Chrissie, Rebecca lunges at her, but as a tussle breaks out, Chrissie topples over the banisters and falls to the floor below, smashing through a glass table as she hits the ground! Has Rebecca killed Chrissie?

There’s a confrontation when Emma finds out Moira has stolen a car –and that Ross is involved. As the mums go head-to-head, Moira warns Emma that she’ll take Ross down with her if Emma calls the police. When Moira goes on to explain why she’s so desperate to save the farm, will Emma soften?

Megan’s forced to backtrack when a problem at a venue sees her having to approach Charity and Chas about using the Woolpack for a hen do, after all. As the hens pour into the pub, Frank picks up on something fishy which may have led to the sudden venue change…