*First episode*

At the hotel, secret lovers Paddy and Tess check in and head up to their bedroom. But their love bubble gets burst when Rhona calls her husband to report news on their adoption plans. They’ve been approved by the panel and are one step closer to having another child in their lives! Rhona’s thrilled while Paddy’s wracked with guilt. Unable to carry on with the affair, he dumps Tess and packs his bags, planning to head home. But, down at reception, Rhona has arrived to surprise her husband! Is she about to find out Paddy is a love-rat?

Taking advice to give her decision about having a termination more time and have some counselling, pregnant Laurel’s pleased. A large part of her wants to have the baby. But, the couple are rocked to the core when Laurel later starts bleeding. Has the baby decision been made for them?

Lisa should be celebrating her wedding anniversary with Zak, but he’s now shacked up with Joanie and has gone off to Ireland with her! Belle’s desperate for her mum not to find out about the lovers’ trip away, but Pearl soon puts her foot in it.