Has Rhys met his dream girl?

Desperate to get tickets for The Vigours’ gig, Rhys combines Gilly’s driving lesson with picking them up. The lads come to blows and Rhys is left alone when Gilly stomps off to get the bus. He isn’t concentrating properly when he reverses the car and runs over a girl. He takes her to A & E, and ends up falling for her, writing his number on the back of one of the gig tickets.

Max is annoyed with himself for missing the boat with Steph, and Darren doesn’t exactly help matters. Meanwhile, Steph has a drink with Danny, but he blows his chance by going a step too far and OB spurs Max on to try one more time to talk to Steph.

With Jacqui’s thoughts constantly on the baby she lost, Tony suggests a holiday might help them come to terms with things. Jacqui decides on a date for the trip, but Tony goes quiet when he realises it would have been Grace’s second birthday.

Later, Tony is apprehensive when he learns Jacqui is babysitting Charlie, and Jake is absolutely livid when he finds out – especially when the pair go missing. But Jacqui’s time alone with Charlie has given her food for thought and she’s got a proposition for Tony…