Has Rhys’s hand improved?

Rhys has been working hard at his rehabilitation following the damage to his hand but it’s still not working as it should be. He tries to stall his next set of tests but Carl is insistent and the tests go ahead. Impatient to learn his fate, Rhys accesses the results on the hospital system and is gutted to see his hand hasn’t improved and therefore won’t.

Fearing his dream of becoming a surgeon may be over, Rhys alters the report but soon regrets it when Karl, overjoyed at the positive results, puts him back in the surgery programme. Are Rhys’s impulsive actions going to put lives at risk?

Seeking advice from her sister as to how to break her news to Kyle, Jade comes to realise what she’ll be missing if she heads to LA. However, Karl’s discussion of his forthcoming trip makes her realise what she’d miss if she didn’t. She eventually tells Kyle, but is shocked to see just how hard he takes the news. She resolves to stay but Kyle insists she go ahead, committing to the idea of a long-distance relationship.

And Sonya comes across an old picture of Nell Mangel and is inspired to name the baby after her. Toadie loves the idea but their plans are thrown into confusion when they learn that Nell is also Vanessa’s preferred baby name.