Has Riley jeopardised his career?

Riley shows off his new car and brags about the award he’s receiving tonight. Warren insists he can get him and his mates a VIP booth at a top club but it’s clear he’s up to something… Later, Warren has an exchange with the gorgeous Alex and offers her a hefty fee to spend the night with Riley. She gets to work and after scoring a kiss with the footballer she forwardly suggests they go home together.

However, Riley panics and drunk he drives off with Doug in the passenger seat. Warren feigns concern and alerts Ethan of the lads’ stupidity. Will Ethan land his friend in it? Could this be the end of Riley’s career?

Meanwhile, Pete and Cheryl worry for Brendan’s welfare when he goes missing, and Noah meets Ste’s family and suggests Amy put Leah and Lucas forward to star in a commercial.

Also, Darren’s business is struggling so he decides to launch a local celebrity-led range of smoothies.

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