Julie begs Rita to give Dennis one more chance. It looks like she’s wavering until she witnesses a nasty altercation between Dennis and Norris and the scales finally fall from her eyes. A dejected Dennis is forced to leave with his tail between his legs.

Gail confronts Nick about vandalising Michael’s van, but he can’t admit to seeing red after spotting them kissing. Meanwhile, Audrey decides to try and heal the rift between the Platts and summons Nick to a family meeting to iron out their differences. Once there Gail makes Nick choose between being part of the family or shunning the new man in her life.

Yasmeen, Roy, Emily, Mary and Craig arrive at the library to stage their protest at its closure. Only Yasmeen and Roy decide to stay after hours, but then get locked in for the night.

Also, Maddie and Simon get on well as she and Sophie look after him.