Two young men, Ricky and Max, stage a fight so that one of them, Max, gets arrested by PC Khan and taken into custody. Shortly after Emma examines Max, she finds that he has disappeared and they eventually find him, dressed in a fake police uniform and trying to pick a locked door.

Khan then discovers Ricky outside the station phoning in fake incidents. Rob links the boys to a drugs bust when a large amount of cocaine was seized but the two dealers got away. They work out that the lads were just couriers and had lost someone a lot of money. They were presumably so desperate to get it back that they came up with this hare-brained scheme.

However, when the cocaine goes missing from the evidence locker, Rob confronts Khan and searches his car, but Khan attacks him and tries to drive away. Max, who is cuffed to another officer spots what’s going on and charges over to save Rob and to stop Khan getting away.