Has Robert another evil trick up his sleeve? (VIDEO)

Robert has Cain and Chrissie on pins wondering if he knows about their steamy kiss at the garage. When he appears to be acting normally, Chrissie reckons she’s got away with it. But has she? When Moira and Cain arrive at Home Farm having been invited for dinner by Robert, is he planning to expose the lovecheats?

Zak and Lisa are desperate to stop Joanie from leaving with Kyle. Having been accused of taking advantage of the Dingles by Cain, Joanie claims she has somewhere else to go and won’t be dissuaded. As she makes her way out of the village, Joanie runs into Kerry and tells her she’s unfit to be Kyle’s grandma. When Joanie arrives home she’s horrified to find she’s been burgled.

It’s all go at the shop as Carly preps for opening day. When Brenda offers to help and makes a joke about owning a share of the place, Bob and Carly cringe at their deceit. But bad news is about to strike Carly as David no longer wants to sell.