Has Ronnie got the wrong message?

Jack flirts with Ronnie and her heart leaps when he puts a card on the side that says ‘All I want for Christmas is you’. Ronnie discusses with Roxy what the card could mean, but she is later bitterly disappointed when she realises the card wasn’t from Jack. She asks him to join her at the Vic for Christmas anyway.

Sean is touched when Jean gives him her engagement ring to sell to buy something nice for Roxy and the baby. Sean tells a delighted Roxy that he’s put a deposit on a flat, but she’s stunned when he reveals that the flat is in Essex.

Shirley asks Phil if he has confronted Suzy about her phantom pregnancy, but he insists that Suzy wouldn’t make it up. Phil finally confronts Suzy with the box of tampons and she has to do something fast thinking and breaks down in tears. Phil has a go at Shirley and reveals that Suzy has ‘had a miscarriage’!

Also, Jane is determined to defy Ian and have a nice Christmas; Ronnie turns down Janine when she asks for a job at the club; Danielle gets it on with creepy waiter Paul after a do at the club.

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