Has Ronnie pushed Roxy too far?

Roxy is furious with Ronnie for spying on her, confronting her about the hidden camera. Ronnie reveals she thought that Roxy and Charlie were still having an affair – then drops the bombshell that she doesn’t want to be with Charlie! After confessing that if it wasn’t for Roxy, she would have split up from Charlie ages ago, Ronnie admits she finds Charlie boring. Accusing Ronnie of using her to paper over the cracks in her relationship, an angry Roxy packs a bag and move in with Dean.

Ian apologises to Cindy and Liam for his behaviour and they make their peace, with Liam saying he no longer needs the money. Meanwhile, Jane sells her wedding ring, giving the money to Cindy. When Ian assumes the worst, Jane reassures him that she wants to start a new life away from Walford with the family. Frustrated when Ian says he doesn’t want to leave, Jane says she’s going with or without him.

Carol returns from her visit to Max wanting to set things right. Arranging to talk with Sharon, Abi and Margaret, Carol breaks the news that the blood in the car lot was Lucy’s. Convinced Max is guilty, Carol tells Margaret she doesn’t need her help any more. Sharon talks to Abi, telling her to convince Max to plead guilty.