Has Ross’s body been found?

Up at the mortuary, Emma and James are going through hell. The police have found a body, which matches Ross’s description. Back at home, Pete is unravelling. Knowing what he did to Ross, Pete tells Finn to prepare for the worst. Though the body turns out not to be Ross, Pete is out so none the wiser when James shares the good news.

Thinking he’s about to be arrested for killing his brother, Pete can no longer keep quiet and confesses all to Debbie…

Zak is horrified when he catches sight of one of Sam and Rachel’s violent rows which erupts when Sam’s van breaks down. But when Zak asks Rachel if everything is OK, he’s left more worried than ever as she flips over his intrusion and later tells Sam his dad is banned from Ruby’s funeral.

Needing to sort out Val’s funeral, Diane wants to know what her sister had in mind when she was planning to fake her own death. Pollard refuses to discuss the matter with Diane, who takes it upon herself to steal the enlightening DVD that Val recorded prior to her death.