Has Roxy lost custody of Amy?

Jack is in bits as he waits with Amy while she’s treated in hospital. Roxy has been out drinking all night and is horrified to find a text about Amy. Roxy rushes to Amy’s side. Amy has a minor wrist fracture that occurred a few days earlier, but Roxy didn’t notice it. Social services are concerned for Amy’s welfare, especially as Amy was left alone with a teenager with a record. The social worker tells Roxy to give up Amy to Jack or risk being taken to court. Roxy is devastated.

Whitney is nervous about her interview for a childcare course. Lauren and Tanya give Whitney a makeover, but she feels self-conscious when Fat Boy tells her she shouldn’t dress like someone she isn’t. Whitney changes into her normal clothes and almost doesn’t go to her interview, but Lauren and Fat Boy force her. Whitney returns from her interview elated – she’s been offered a place!

Tanya heads to the hospital for her cancer treatment and is unnerved when she bumps into Carol, who is visiting Amy. Tanya bluffs that she’s there to see Amy, too. Tanya arrives in oncology and discovers that her cancer pal Siobhan has died. Tanya has a panic attack. Tanya returns home, but doesn’t tell Lauren about Siobhan.