Has Roxy pushed Ronnie too far?

Ronnie struggles to deal with Roxy’s behaviour in EastEnders.

Louise is upset when she asks Roxy for advice,but she’s too drunk to help her. Phil warns Roxy he’ll kick her out unless she pulls herself together. Wanting to keep Roxy involved, Ronnie asks her to pick the kids up from school. But Roxy forgets after getting distracted apologising to Louise for her earlier sharp words. Has she ruined her relationship with Ronnie?

Donna is concerned by Roxy’s mood and wants to cheer her up. Suggesting they they go to the Christmas play rehearsal, she tells Roxy they can have a laugh. As they watch the play, however, the words strike home for Roxy and she crumbles. Donna takes Roxy for a drink and makes a suggestion…

Dot has some shock news for Patrick – the launderette will shut down for good on Christmas Eve! Realising a sad Dot could do with some cheering up, Patrick suggests they throw a party there on the last day.

Also, Bex talks to Stacey about Shakil.