Has Ruby made a big mistake?

Casey asks Ruby out and is taken aback when she tells him she’s just started seeing someone else. Ruby is dreamily thinking about Romeo and can’t resist telling Nicole what happened the night before. She thinks Romeo and she are fated to be together. But Romeo asks her to wait until he has a chance to sort things out with Indi…

Colleen is told her van is almost ready for her to move back into, but she says she doesn’t want to get in the way of the decorators as they finish up, and asks Miles if she can stay another night. Leah begins to suspect that Colleen doesn’t want to go back to her van at all. At The Diner, Colleen makes it clear she won’t tolerate any nonsense from the River Boys, and Leah has to remind her they haven’t actually done anything wrong lately.

Nicole can’t understand why Romeo’s acting weird – things were supposed to be sorted out between him and Indi last night. Romeo can’t bear to be at school so he bunks off to go surfing. Miles is concerned he’s missing schoolwork, but when Romeo opens up to him, he’s more worried about what a mess Romeo is making of his love life.

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