Has Ruth been attacked?

After a big night out clubbing, Ruth arrives at work severely hung-over and covered in bruises. The young Casualty doctor is overwhelmed by flashbacks of the night before when she was drunk in a club with a mystery man, but she can’t quite remember what happened. She feels worse as the day goes on – and reaches breaking point when a man called Barry is brought into the emergency department and she realises he’s the man she was with the previous evening.

Barry – played by Jamie Lomas, best known as Hollyoaks bad boy Warren – is equally horrified to see Ruth, especially when she accuses him of raping her.

He laughs it off and with no proof and only hazy recollections Ruth threatens to talk to his wife, Ali. However, Ali is already suspicious something went on between them when she spots that Ruth and Barry have the same club stamp on their hands.

Ruth, confused and anxious, ends up revealing her bruising to Ali and her colleagues, stunning everyone into silence. However, later in the episode Ruth has another flashback – she is the one who forced herself on him and he pushed her away.

Jay, meanwhile, tries to support the unpopular medic, only to be left baffled by her increasingly strange behaviour.