Has Sally murdered Frank?! (VIDEO)

After meeting with a very persuasive Jenny, Carla tells Frank he can buy her out. As she announces her decision to the staff Frank and Jenny are smug about duping her. But in the Rovers a bitter Sally reveals that Carla‘s friend and new business partner, Jenny, is in fact Frank’s lover. Horrified, Michelle realises that Carla is being set up and races to the factory with Sally. But as Peter and Carla join Anne and Frank to sign the deal they arrive too late to prevent Carla from being scammed.

With Stella out Karl installs a huge flatscreen TV in the pub to transmit football matches. The oldies are disgruntled and complain to a returning Stella. She tells Karl to take it down, but as a row breaks out it’s clear neither is going to back down.

As Dennis looks for work he points out he’s been relying on people’s support for ages and it’s time to move on. But Rita secretly fears losing him.

Also, Peter wants Simon back at home, but when he drunkenly goes to collect him from the Barlows, Deirdre refuses; Sean and Marcus return from holiday to find Eileen looking after Lesley, who’s unsettled by their arrival and demands they leave.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla’s horrified as Frank, Anne and Jenny gloat. Determined to kick Peter and Carla while they’re down Frank tells Leanne about Peter’s drinking and claims he fears for Simon’s safety. Leanne heads to the flat and seeing both Peter and Carla drinking she tells Peter she’s going for custody of Simon. Peter goes on a massive bender while Carla returns to the factory to have it out with Frank alone, but he threatens to rape her again. The factory staff are stunned to hear they no longer have jobs as Kevin rants about Frank’s treatment of Sally. Sean and Julie decide to confront Frank, but they’re horrified to find Sally kneeling over Frank’s body, blood on her hands.

Put out by the volume of the TV in the Rovers the regulars leave. But when the Barlows’ TV goes on the blink Ken decides it must be due to Karl’s new satellite dish and he storms round to the pub.

Paul returns from work and is horrified when Lesley doesn’t recognise him and sends for Dr Carter. Marcus and Sean decide to make things easier at No 11 and agree to stay away to give Lesley some space, but Eileen feels guilty.

Also, when Lewis flirts with Rita an irritated Dennis warns him off.