Has Sally turned Tim off?

When Sally bangs on about her garden party and suggests Tim should invite some of his friends, Tim makes excuses and escapes to the pub. Worried that Tim’s going off her, Sally asks Sophie and Jenna for their advice. Jenna reckons she should take a step back and stop smothering him.

Under Tina’s accusatory gaze, David caves in and admits he was responsible for the hate campaign and Nick’s car crash, but insists he never meant to kill Nick. Tina’s horrified and determines to tell Gail the truth. David begs her to keep quiet, but Tina makes it clear she’s not prepared to lie for him.

Assuring Chesney she’d understand if he chose to be with Katy over her, as Katy’s the mother of his child, Sinead gives Chesney an ultimatum and leaves him to think about it. Chesney has a heart to heart with Tyrone and admits the most important thing in his life is Joseph.

Also, Tina assures Gary and Izzy she would love to babysit for baby Jake and they don’t need to worry about her; Eileen rebukes Julie for fussing over her.