Has Santa been helping himself?

DC Stevie Moss and DS Stuart Turner team up to investigate a spate of burglaries where the victims gave their addresses for a competition at a local Santa’s grotto. An undercover Stevie, Stuart and his niece visit ‘Santa’ Peter Garrett and, as they leave, ‘elf’ Ricky takes down Stuart’s address for the fake competition. Meanwhile, at Stuart’s flat, Sun Hill officers are surprised when Peter’s daughter, Lisa, breaks in.

Certain Peter has put Lisa up to it, Stevie has him arrested – but Peter swears he knows nothing about the scam. When questioned, Lisa admits that she and Ricky came up with a scam to pay off violent loan shark, David Crossley, and keep her dad out of trouble. The officers’ search for Crossley leads them to a lock-up where, among a pile of stolen goods, some fake passports are found.

Crossley tells Stevie and Stuart that he was selling the passports to an ex-con planning on fleeing the UK, and Stevie is stunned when it turns out to be Rob Towler, someone she had worked undercover with who went to prison for 10 years. Alarmed that Rob is out of prison early, Stevie tells Stuart that if Rob is planning something, it’s going to be big and they should hold off to find out more…