Sean is in a bad way after Roxy‘s rejection and matters aren’t helped when Archie viciously tells him to leave Walford. Christian realises that Roxy is desperate to see Sean and approaches him, but a low Sean insists he’s not wanted. As Christian impulsively tells Roxy he’ll bring the baby up with her, Sean finally goes to the hospital, but he’s devastated when he walks in to hear Roxy telling her family the news.

Vinnie is back from Southend and sheepishly confesses to Callum and Darren that he had a fling with a woman called Daphne. A mischievous Callum asks Vinnie for the name of the hotel he stayed in. Vinnie is horrified when Callum reveals he called the hotel and invited Daphne to Walford and then confesses he told Daphne he owned the Queen Vic!

Tony makes Whitney apologise to Bianca for her outburst the previous night, worried she may blow their cover. Whitney packs a romantic picnic lunch and turns up at the community centre, but an irritated Tony tells her that they need to lie low for a while.

Also, Suzy is scathing when Jack says being with Tanya and her children is his second chance to be a dad.

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