Has Serena been hitting her mother?

Serena Campbell’s really struggled with her elderly mother Adrienne’s worsening dementia in recent months, especially as her forgetfulness and confusion has made her more volatile – the last time Adrienne was at Holby, she smashed up the hospital toilets. Fearing her mother’s had a mini stroke, Serena wants Adrienne treated on AAU, so registrar Raf and ward manager Fletch agree to take over her care.

As Raf examines Adrienne, however, she becomes agitated and Fletch realises why when he finds bruising on her arms. When Raf asks where she got her injuries from, Adrienne suggests Serena’s been abusing her. As Raf uncovers more bruises, Serena goes over to check everything’s OK with her mother’s treatment. As Adrienne shies away in her daughter’s presence, Fletch and Raf fear they’ll have to consider the possibility Serena’s been hitting her mother!

When Adrienne then claims Serena’s stolen her jewellery, Raf confronts Serena, who’s upset when he suggests Adrienne’s bruises are defence wounds. But Raf soon realises Serena might be the one having to defend herself when Adrienne, still angry over her apparent missing rings, goes for Serena in a violent rage…

Meanwhile, after ousting Elliot as lead consultant on Darwin, Jac has bridges to mend with the team. Instead, she antagonises Elliot by ignoring his advice and showboating with a daring surgical procedure.

Also, while his flatmates have busy social calendars, Dominic’s private life is non-existent. But when a one-night stand – a nurse in a tiger onesie – offers the possibility of longer term romance, can Dominic resist?