Has Sharon discovered her real dad?

Ian is shocked when he finds out that Dot is in prison, confronting Sharon, who tells him about the search for her real dad. The pair visits Dot in prison, insisting they’re there for her. Still determined to pay for her crime, Dot resists their promise of help. Back in the Square, Sharon has a long chat with Ian about the past and suddenly comes to a shock realisation about the identity of her father…

Cindy has a moment of panic after abandoning Beth in the park. Confessing what she’s done to Jane, the police are called to search for Beth, who has disappeared. Fortunately Liam has found Beth safe and sound in her pram and the police search is called off. A conversation with Shabnam later prompts Cindy to make a shock decision.

Roxy finds out why Ineta has bruises on her arm. Taking matters into her own hands, Roxy makes sure it won’t happen again, bringing her and Ineta closer. Meanwhile, Alfie overhears Martin making a phone call and makes a discovery.

Also, Kush wins round Masood, who has been reluctant to accept his relationship with Shabnam.