Has Shelley done a bunk?

Newt and Rae are shattered from looking after baby Jensen all night. Newt doesn’t tell Darren that Shelley’s gone; he’s in denial about being abandoned again. Jack ends up lending Newt a hand unaware that Shelley’s done a bunk. Frankie soon gets to the bottom of things and decides to call Social Services.

When Cindy stops by to promote her new chef, she gets a short shrift from a jealous Suzanne. While Rhys takes Nev to the doctors, Darren makes a move on Suzanne but gets a slap. He makes another play for her, and she responds in kind, unaware that they’re about to be caught in the act.

Tony’s quick to judge Gabby for trying to run out on her husband, but she’s reluctant to tell him the truth. When Tony finds Taylor, let down by his father, he agrees to let him skip school and discovers more. He returns to Gabby and as the two grow closer, Tony ignores a message from Cindy.

Also; Cindy’s thinking of taking Elliot to work in Wales at Tony’s new restaurant. Dom’s so fed up with the way Cindy thinks she can run things, he tries to have it out in front of the customers.

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