Has Sienna finally got her man?

Sienna reassures her ‘friend’ Nancy that everyone missed her while she was away, but it’s clear Darren wishes she’d never come back. Nancy confronts her husband when Esther lets slip about the consultant appointment he went to with Sienna.  She takes back the reigns and tells Sienna she’s no longer needed. This hits her like a slap in the face and it’s clear she’s not taking it lying down…

Patrick’s impressed with the evening at the coffee shop, but when Maxine tries to dance with him in front of his guests, he’s embarrassed to be seen with her and warns her never to do that again. Later, Anna panics when Dirk comes to visit her – fearful of Patrick’s warning. When Dirk tells her about Patrick giving Dodger a false alibi for Texas’s murder, her interest is piqued.

Dr Browning panics over the mystery gift, while his new wife revels in being Mrs. Browning. Browning goes to see Jim and the barrister jokingly suggests Mercedes is to blame, giving Browning food for thought.

Vincent needs money for rent at the McQueens, but he wonders how he can get a job with no paperwork. Phoebe secures him a cash-in-hand trial at College Coffee but George is reaching the end of his tether with Phoebe and Vincent’s romance.