Jacqui still hasn’t returned home and, the following day, Rhys becomes increasingly concerned and alerts the McQueens to her disappearance. Fearing the worst, the family pulls together in search of Jacqui.

Meanwhile, Silas helps the community by handing out some of Tex’s women’s safety leaflets. He smirks as he hands one to Rhys, and the family begin to panic – reminded there is a killer on the loose. They scour the woods and fear the worst when they find a ripped piece of Jacqui’s clothing.

When they can’t find her they head back home but Rhys is frustrated as everyone sits around waiting for the police. Distraught, he suddenly has a brainwave and races to their special place in the hope of finding his wife.

Despite her nerves, Liberty’s performance at T4 on the Beach is a total hit. But all their celebrations are brought to an early end when Theresa gets a call from home – Jacqui’s gone missing.

Also; Lee tries to win Amy back but it’s too little too late.

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