Diane is furious with her daughter for getting fired and urges her to get back to the shop. Sinead’s first task is to clean the shop windows and when she falls off the ladder, everyone fears for the baby.

Kevin is worried when a plain-clothes policeman turns up at the door, knowing a lifeless Maxine is still in the flat. Luckily for him they only want to talk about his sexual assault, but he starts to think about getting rid of the body. With the police sniffing around, Walker demands that Kevin dispose of Maxine’s body quickly. Meanwhile, with their lives at risk, can Kevin deter Ash and Sienna from raising the alarm?

John Paul decides to take Ruby under his wing and makes her relive what she did to Esther by speaking to other students. Ruby is trying her best to make a mends and organises a bake sale. However, when the students deface her posters with ‘loser’, it seems the tables have turned on the teen. John Paul and Doug decide to help her out when she burns all her cakes.

Also, Will’s envy reaches new heights but just how far will he go to satisfy his jealousy?