It’s the last day before Sixth Form College begins, so a cheerful Bart throws a party to revel in one final night of freedom. But things soon turn sour when Sinead turns up. Relations between the pair are still strained, but when Sinead catches Maddie flirting with Bart, she sees red. Hurting, Sinead throws herself at hot boy Toby, only to discover he’s Maddie’s boyfriend. Collage isn’t starting till tomorrow, but it seems things are already off to a bad start.

Returning to the village, Lynsey’s emboldened as Brendan admits he doesn’t trust Silas either.

Lynsey is thrilled to find out that she isn’t going mad and the pair start their investigations into the real Silas.

Also, a love-struck Jamil pines for Texas as she flirts with Dodger.