Has Sky framed herself?

Sky is shocked with herself after assaulting Terrence. Ignorant to what Sky’s been up to, Harold comforts her and she breaks down with delayed grief for Stingray. However, her inconsolable state causes Lou to wonder if Terrence did more than just lie to Sky about his psychic abilities. Harold urges her to open up and Sky confesses to knocking Terrence out.

Charlotte panics when she realises everyone is on to Terrence’s deception and finds him unconscious in the General Store. But when Terrence wakes up, Charlotte loses it and delivers a fatal blow. Reeling, Charlotte returns to the surgery to hide the evidence, but ends up falling into a passionate embrace with her assistant, Boyd.

Lou and Harold accompany Sky to the General Store, expecting to confront Terrence, but instead they turn up and receive a shock – he’s dead!

As scheming Paul tries to sabotage Oliver and Elle’s plans, Carmella helps them secure a huge business deal for Lassiter’s.

Still disgusted by Ned’s shady past, angry Janae dismisses him when he offers well-meaning advice on life and boxing.

Bemused Karl rejects Bree’s tips on relationships, confident that Susan will return to him.