DI Sam Nixon and Pcs Diane Noble and Will Fletcher deal with an assault on Jess Parker at her home, which at first looks like aggravated burglary. Will finds out from some women at the scene that Jess runs a seedy web chat service and the neighbours mention a suspicious car that was parked outside earlier.

DS Phil Hunter and DC Jo Masters discover that the car belongs to Ryan Jones, and arrest him on suspicion of burglary. Ryan admits to being at Jess’s, but claims that he was trying to find a girl he had been chatting to on the net. Phil threatens to charge Ryan with harassment if he doesn’t co-operate so Ryan reluctantly complies – if only to prevent his wife, Connie, from finding out about him using the site.

Ryan assists with the investigation but an already stressed Sergeant Smithy isn’t happy when Phil asks him to hold Ryan in the crowded custody cells a little longer while he checks out some details. Hours later, Smithy reunites Ryan with his wife. But when Ryan annoys him, Smithy tells a shocked Connie that her husband was arrested for stalking a prostitute. Will Smithy regret losing his cool?

Meanwhile, Mickey is assigned to a clean-up operation at the Jasmine Allen Estate and a bit of PR work with Liz Clifton, head of Neighbourhood Watch for the area. Mickey makes a number of arrests when a drug deal goes down but when two innocent passers-by get caught up in the commotion, the team end up investigating a joyriding incident…