Mercedes watches as Sonny comforts Carmel, and it’s clear he has feelings for her. Elsewhere, Sam tells Sonny about Jim’s involvement with Fraser. He’s desperate to find dirt on Fraser and Jim and steals the keys to The Loft and rifles through the office. Fraser and Grace catch him and Sonny reveals he’s a policeman.

Fraser forbids Grace from killing Jim, while Sandy is growing increasingly worried about where Joe is. Meanwhile, Sonny goes to the McQueen’s to get Carmel some fresh clothes but is distracted when he finds Jim’s briefcase. Back at the hospital, Grace pays Jim a visit and holds a pillow above his head. When Mercedes arrives at the hospital later, she urgently calls for assistance.

Nancy doesn’t believe Maxine when she tells her she fell over on the ice and takes her to A&E. Nancy tells Sam what’s happened, but when Sam questions Maxine she tells them the burglar (Jason) hit her. Elsewhere, Patrick finds Holly with her mobile phone and knows she was behind the break-in at his home. Jason is forced to confess when Holly gets the blame, unaware of what Maxine has told Sam.

Freddie tries to come to terms with Joe’s death, while Lindsey believes Joe has left her. Sinead tells Sandy that she slept with Robbie to cover for her husband.

Meanwhile, Freddie threatens Grace and Carmel stays by Jim’s bedside while he’s in a coma.