Stacey takes the key to Jean’s on the morning of the wedding, having a look round to see what it could open. When Jean nervously brings up the subject of the key, Stacey not to talk about it. Before heading off for the wedding, Stacey is intrigued when Jean mentions something about her dad Brian. Shirley interrupts before Stacey can find out more.

After the wedding, Stacey suggests going back to Jean’s early to prepare the food. Realising what Stacey’s up to, Martin finds her frantically searching for something the key may open. Frustrated that she won’t open up to him, Martin snaps at her, prompting Stacey to open up to him about her dad. When Jean gets back she accuses Stacey of being obsessed. Snatching the key, Jean apparently flushes it down the loo, but she actually keeps it…

Carol calls a neighbourhood meeting to talk about the redevelopment work on local flats. When Ian insults Carol about her stand against the redevelopment, Carol blurts out that Jane is paying for Cindy to stay with her. Ian bursts in on Cindy, telling her to stop tearing the family apart. Unaware that Carol can hear, Ian tells Cindy to go to the police if she needs to. A horrified Jane quickly shuts him down.