Martin is reeling after making the discovery about Arthur. Seeing the state Martin is in, Stacey panics and makes a wrong assumption. Showing Stacey the letter, a bitter Martin is unmoved, as Stacey pleads with him to forgive her. Back in the Square, Martin holds his tongue when he sees Kush. Spotting Kyle, Martin is angry when Kyle says he has something for Stacey from the safety deposit box. Telling Bex and Lily he loves them, Martin takes his passport and heads out of the Square…

Claudette and Kim clash over Pearl’s first birthday party preparations. With different ideas in mind, both women up their game as they interfere in each other’s plans. Claudette is surprised when her foster son Linford turns up with news that Claudette has been nominated for a Pride of Walford award. Not wanting Claudette to steal all the limelight, Kim gets on the bouncy castle. An annoyed Claudette stabs the bouncy castle to deflate it – along with Kim’s ego!

Sharon is frustrated to learn from Vincent that he won’t be able to get her money for a few weeks. Finding Gavin waiting for her, Sharon sends him on his way, telling him he’ll get his cash soon enough. Making a furtive phone call, Gavin talks to Claudette, later blackmailing her into giving him money as he threatens to reveal her secret.

Also, Ben confesses to Abi he might have an STD.