Has Ste been rumbled?

Ste is horrified by the extent of his lie when his concerned mum Pauline reveals she’s heard all about Leah. Ste agrees to take his mum to the flat, calling ahead to warn Amy to hide Leah, but they both find themselves squirming as they try to explain why Pauline cannot visit Leah in hospital. Unfortunately, the electricity goes off and a baby’s cry is heard coming from the bedroom… Sasha is forced to defend Fletch when Josh and Michaela express concern about Fletch’s absence from school. Although she knows heroin is to blame for Fletch’s recent behaviour, Sasha claims she hasn’t noticed anything unusual. Sasha is even more dismayed as Leo attacks her for not informing him that she is top of her class and the school wants her to take the Oxford entrance exam. Dom is amused and astonished by Tina’s pregnancy cravings, and catches her stuffing herself with food in the kitchen. Fearing she’s repulsive, Tina wonders if she is still attractive to Dom, especially when he seems uncomfortable being intimate around her. Also, Max is dismayed when Steph doesn’t wish him a happy birthday, but is determined to be patient, realising she has other things on her mind. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip