Has Ste given up on Amy?

Ste blanks Amy when she visits him at work. Natty tries to talk Ste round when Amy arrives later with Leah, but he continues to ignore her, taking Leah on a tour of Relish. When Amy and Ste arrive back at the flat Mike asks her to change Lucas. Amy gets angry explains she can’t do it, whilst Lydia defends her. Ste storms out telling everyone he can no longer put up with this.

Lauren confronts Rae, telling her to leave the school. Then turns on Newt telling him that she hates him. As they sit outside the headmaster’s office Newt begins to explain what he loved about the Rae he knew. Lauren tells Newt that he has just described her without even realising it. Later, Newt apologises, but as far as Lauren is concerned it’s too little too late.

Steph tells her mum that she should give Darren a break. Theresa sits opposite them looking miserable as Darren walks over. He insults Theresa and she rushes off angry. Steph gets annoyed at him telling him that he needs to take more care of Hannah. Later, Darren bumps into Theresa and tries to make amends for his earlier comment.

Also; Zak is surprised to see Sheila coming out of Elliot’s room.

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