Has Steph lost Lucas for good?

Steph convinces Lucas to go away with her on a camping trip to watch the eclipse. As they pack for the trip Vanessa returns home from seeing her mother and is less than impressed to find Steph and Lucas packing to go away together. Steph moves off to collect supplies for the trip while Vanessa and Lucas have it out. After deciding they want to fight for their relationship, Vanessa demands that Lucas sever all ties with Steph.

After talking it through with Toadie, Lucas knows he needs to fight for his relationship. He tells Steph they can no longer hang out and Steph is gutted, accusing Lucas of using her. When Vanessa resigns from Harold’s, Steph begs her to lift the ban on her and Lucas but Vanessa refuses. Steph becomes emotional and unhinged. When Karl finds Steph’s anti-psychotic meds in the bin it becomes clear that Steph is losing control.

Ajay’s horrified to learn Mason has teamed up with Paul’s dodgy lawyer Tim Collins and doesn’t understand why Paul would help the person that robbed his hotel. Paul tells Ajay he’s only helping Mason because of Kate, but Ajay doesn’t buy it. He’s certain Paul has a hidden agenda.