Steph is confused about Gilly’s marriage proposal, and tells an ecstatic Cheryl who is shocked when she admits she hasn’t said ‘yes’ yet. Cheryl’s annoyed to hear her decision – Steph’s got a man who loves the bones of her so what she’s dithering about. Steph explains that she doesn’t trust Gilly’s motives, and that she thinks he’s just marrying her to cheer her up. When Cheryl tells Gilly that Steph thinks he’s proposing out of pity, angry Gilly tells Steph exactly what he thinks of her.

Michaela tells Jacqui not to let Zak in to the McQueens after they have a massive row. Unaware that the row is about him, Des urges Michaela to kiss and make up, telling her Zak’s a decent lad. Michaela scoffs at Des – what does he know about decency.

Zak promises Michaela he’ll get evidence on Des so that Michaela will get her story and Des will get arrested. Later, Zak tapes a conversation with a racist Des, takes it to Jacqui and presses play.

Also; Kris puts a suit on, ready for his first day’s work at the bank. He’s just about to leave, when he gets an exciting call from Zoe with a dream job offer.

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