Steve is raring to go for his date with Michelle, but his day gets off to a bad start when Eileen calls in sick with a stomach bug.

A desperate Steve begs Les to cover for Eileen but he’s delayed yet again when Tracy demands he look after Amy. Steve palms the tot off onto Betty before heading off to make what’s left of the date but he knocks over Fiz’s moped and suffers another delay. A despondent Michelle thinks she’s been stood up and when she’s asked out for a drink by a handsome stranger, she agrees.

Bev prepares to start her new life with Shelley and she says her goodbyes at the Peacocks. She is still smarting from their rejection and stubbornly insists she’s scattering her half of Fred’s ashes alone.

Ashley, Claire and the boys head off to the River Tame with the remainder to say their last goodbyes. Bev has a last minute change of heart and arrives at the river, saying she couldn’t bear the thought of Fred spending eternity in two halves!

Frankie is worried about Jamie as he hasn’t come home since their row the previous evening. When Jamie returns the pair have a heart-to-heart and agree that they need to make a new start together in Spain.

Also, Rosie finds out that Sophie’s clairvoyant powers are coming straight out of Ivy’s diary, and Tracy is pleased to discover that Claire has been making a note of Charlie’s alleged ‘violent episodes’.