Has Susan gone too far?

Susan puts all her effort into arranging a final trip for Jim to his childhood home. But Karl and Jim both know he’s too ill to leave the hospital. With Jim reluctant to tell Susan, Karl is left to break the bad news. The pair are left to grieve together as they realise Jim’s days are numbered, and Susan offers comfort in the form of a kiss. Karl witnesses it and despite it being strictly platonic, he’s left stewing in jealousy.

Jade is in two minds the morning after her rendezvous with Kyle and is adamant in finding another way to vent her feelings. Though this proves difficult when Kyle suggests a friends-with-benefits arrangement. Knowing it would only complicate her situation, Jade is reluctant to accept his offer. She decides to keep her distance from him and contemplates a night out with womaniser Rhys. But temptation wins her over.

Kate’s left fuming after discovering Sophie’s new guitar wasn’t on loan from new kid Noah as she initially thought. Immediately suspecting Paul, she goes round to confront him, only to learn he had no involvement in it. The mystery buyer is soon revealed when Lucas owns up.