Syed is convinced Christian will come back and tells Amira they’re getting married as soon as his divorce is through. Syed is devastated when Jane reveals that Christian has decided never to return. Meanwhile, Masood is worried when he sees a stressed out Zainab and tells Jane he needs to spend time with his family. Masood is shocked when he visits Zainab and finds Yusef there. Masood storms out and a guilty Zainab asks Yusef to leave. Yusef turns nasty, pushing her face up to the mirror and tells her she has failed and shamed her community. An upset Masood visits Jane and they kiss.

Jodie tells Poppy that she’s going to leave Walford. Anthony’s desperate to stop Jodie leaving as she’s the one he wants to be with. Poppy tells Anthony that Jodie is leaving because she’s lonely without Darren and she suggests that they set Jodie up with Tyler. Anthony warns Tyler off and Jodie confesses to Poppy about kissing Anthony.

Janine threatens Shirley with legal action after finding shot pellets in her ‘turkey’ lunch, which turned out to be an illegally killed swan provided by Mo! Shirley tells Janine she’s got no proof, until Janine overhears Mo telling Shirley to get rid of the swan meat pronto.