Has Teresa killed Jerry?

Jerry lies unconscious on the floor after collapsing and a panicking Teresa wipes her fingerprints from his tablet bottle before calling for an ambulance. The paramedics treat Jerry at the scene and Teresa makes up a story implying that Jerry has double-dosed himself with his medication. Jerry is rushed to hospital and Teresa is terrified when the family are told to prepare for the worst as Jerry is wheeled into surgery.

Tina warns David to stay away from her, but as he tries to explain how much he loves her it’s clear that she’s starting to soften towards him. Eventually, Tina relents and agrees to take back a jubilant David. Poor Amber is devastated when she spots the couple kissing and realises that David has used her.

Sean gives Marcus the silent treatment, but he can’t keep it up for long and he confronts him about going out with another man. The couple end up in a huge row and Marcus reveals that Noel, the friend he’s staying with in London, is actually his ex.

Also, Dev isn’t happy when he realises that he’s the latest in a long line of Nina’s dalliances with other men during her marriage to Prem.