Jerry is feeling increasingly unwell and he is relieved about Teresa’s return. Mel is suspicious about Teresa’s story that the flat fell through and she checks up on it. Mel is furious when she finds out that Teresa has been lying but Teresa backtracks and claims that she just wants to look after Jerry. Mel tells Jerry it’s either her or her mother and as the accusations fly, a stressed Jerry collapses, hitting his head on the coffee table…

David invites Amber for lunch and she treats it as a date and dresses to impress. Amber heads over to the Platts with David and she starts to passionately kiss him. David feels uncomfortable, but he is rescued by Tina, who bursts in and demands to know what they’re up to. David tells a sceptical Tina that her jealousy proves she still loves him, while a devastated Amber realises she’s been used.

Dev and Nina arrive at their plush hotel room for their dirty weekend away. But Dev soon realises that he’s not the only thing on Nina’s mind when she leaves him alone in the room and heads off for some pampering.

Also, Sean is gutted when Todd calls Eileen and reveals that he saw Marcus with another man.