After the fire at the hospital, Sky is terrified Teresa has abducted her baby, while Karl and Harold seek to reassure her that baby Kerry has simply been misplaced. But it seems that all her worst fears have come true when it soon becomes clear that Kerry has been taken from the building. Meanwhile, Teresa is found wheeling around an empty pram, and tells Steiger she couldn’t find the baby in the chaos of the fire, although she fully intended to steal her. She also drops the bombshell that Carmella was responsible for the death of her own baby.

Injured Carmella is desperate to track her unhinged cousin Teresa down and tells a shocked Will and Rosetta that she reckons Teresa has stolen baby Kerry and also confesses that she blames herself for Teresa’s desperate actions.

Following an intensive search, Bree and Rachel find Stingray in the park sleeping off his latest bender. They manage to get him to Sky’s bedside, where he’s stunned to learn that his newborn baby has gone missing. However, hospital CCTV footage shows Stingray in the hospital corridors at the same time Kerry went missing. Unfortunately, Stingray can’t remember being in the building and has no explanation when police discover Sky’s hospital bracelet in his pocket.