Has Terese lost Brad to Lauren?

While Brad is packing his timber away in Lauren’s shed, Terese sits at home stewing on ‘the secret’ she is holding, believing it to be Brad’s. She abandons their alcohol free month in her despair but when she confronts him about ‘regretting getting married’, Brad tells her the secret isn’t his and he’s had enough. Later, Brad is stunned when Sheila tells him she caught Terese stealing wine and thinks she may have a drinking problem.

While the boys are having fun with remote control car races on Ramsay Street, Paige decides to pay them back for suggesting she become their ‘grid girl’ and suggests a race-off between the guys and girls.

Paige plays grid girl to Aaron’s grid guy, while Brads impressed when Lauren wins the race. Later, he runs into Lauren alone at the lake – and they share a risky mutual acknowledgement of their on-going attraction. The only thing stopping them from getting together is their love for Terese.