Has Terese lost the fight to get rid of Paige?

Paige tells Lauren she’d love to celebrate Brad’s birthday tomorrow but Lauren’s hesitant. Paige is clearly disappointed so Lauren asks Brad if they could do something small together. Terese is desperate for the birthday dinner to be a chance for her family to reconnect, but both Imogen and Joshua are distracted. Brad heads off to meet Lauren and Paige, and they share an impromptu family celebration together. Terese comes in search of Brad, and is startled to see him with Lauren and Paige… They look like the perfect family unit. 

Earlier, a naked Josh is trapped in the Share House backyard and when he finally makes it home, he’s busted by Imogen! Josh tells his sister the truth about his affair with Naomi, and Imogen thinks it’s just one more example of how badly Amber screwed Josh over.

Sheila’s taken aback by how open Paul is about the fact he’s dating up a storm on Ziva. Paul encourages Sheila to sign up but she’s adamant she’s only looking for companionship. Before she knows it, she has a date lined up.