To help Terese feel more secure, Brad agrees to stop seeing Lauren – on the condition that Terese apologises to her for what she said. But Terese only half apologises, and Brad decides that his earlier promise to Terese no longer counts, especially when it affects Paige. When Terese stumbles across Paige, Brad, Lauren and Brennan playing happy families, her hurt returns. Paige tries to reason with Terese, but Terese makes a spur-of-the-moment decision and calls Paige’s mother.

Karl advises Toadie that if he can ride a bicycle from his house to the garage, then he can go back to performing his marital duties. Toadie literally gets back in the saddle to prove himself fit for action.

Despite Karl’s reassurances that her surgery went without a hitch, Georgia remains unconvinced – certain the divide between doctors and nurses has given Karl a bias against her. Karl rejects the suggestion as preposterous, until he sees a doctor give Georgia an undeserved dressing-down.